Semantics and NoSQL: How (and Why) to Do Semantics in a NoSQL Document Store / Database
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  Stephen Buxton   Stephen Buxton
Product Manager, Search and Semantics
  Charles Greer   Charles Greer
Lead Engineer


Tuesday, August 18, 2015
08:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

This interactive workshop is designed for a technical audience (architects, engineers, DBAs, etc.) with some programming and/or semantics experience. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from MarkLogic experts and directly interact with the team that helped design the Semantics feature of MarkLogic.

You’ll learn how (and why) to use semantics in combination with other NoSQL technologies in a single database – on your own data, if you like – and you’ll be able to take everything you build during the session back home with you.

Attendees must bring their own laptops.

Stephen Buxton is the Product Manager for Search and Semantics at MarkLogic, where he has been a member of the Products team since 2005. Stephen focuses on bringing a rich semantic search experience to users of the MarkLogic NoSQL database, document store, and triple store. Before joining MarkLogic, Stephen was Director of Product Management for Text and XML at Oracle Corporation.

Charles Greer is a Lead Engineer at MarkLogic, and has contributed to Search, REST, and Semantics APIs, as well as to Open Source initiatives surrounding the product. Having been a linguistics, language and markup geek for 20 years, he started working with MarkLogic in the publishing industry almost 10 years ago. He devotes a lot of time to considering data management techniques of the past and future. Charles studied Slavic literature and linguistics at Yale University and University of California at Berkeley. He also sings and plays accordions and harmonicas sometimes.

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