Using the Algebra of Data Makes Business Analytics Affordable
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  Robin Bloor   Robin Bloor
Chief Analyst
The Bloor Group
  Rich Benci   Rich Benci
Algebraix Data Corp.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Algebraix Data has spent five years developing the algebra of data, the unifying language of data. Among the algebra of data’s many disruptive effects, it will fuel a whole new ecosystem of software for integrating and analyzing data, finally making business analytics readily accessible to the vast majority of enterprises.

Companies with advanced business analytic capabilities outperform rivals because they make better decisions, make them faster and execute them better. However, implementing business analytics has been prohibitively expensive for all but the largest of companies – until now.

Influential analyst, author, and IT expert Robin Bloor, PhD, will provide a concise overview of the algebra of data, which is also described in detail in a new book by Bloor. Algebraix COO Rich Benci will provide insight how Algebraix Analytics is being deployed in an affordable and non-disruptive manner.

Attendees of this session will be provided access to the Algebraix Math Library. Advanced copies of Bloor’s book will be available at the conference.

Robin Bloor is a prominent analyst in the database and information management sectors. He authored a column in DMBS Magazine (in the US) for 4 years and also provided regular content for Computer Weekly in the UK. He has also regularly written individual articles for many magazines in the UK and Europe over a decade. He was the prime author for the web site which he designed and built and which subsequently became one of the primary UK IT related web sites . As one would expect of any analyst, he has authored numerous white papers, product reviews and IT research papers.

Rich Benci has more than 20 years of executive level experience in sales, marketing, and operations in the technology and digital media industries. Rich has been part of five start-ups, with four reaching successful exits. Rich was formerly the president of RealAge, Inc., and he led the RealAge team from the dot-com bust in 2000 through seven consecutive years of profitability and growth. Rich was responsible for the company’s operations including the following: technology, product development, member services, marketing, and sales. RealAge was successfully acquired by Hearst Magazines. Rich has also held senior positions in Sharecare, IBM’s Lotus Development and Hitachi’s AIS group.

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