AI: It’s Not Man Versus Machine, It’s Man and Machine
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  Matt Sanchez   Matt Sanchez
CTO, Founder


Tuesday, August 18, 2015
01:00 PM - 01:45 PM

Level:  Technical - Introductory

The resurgence of AI has dominated the headlines and resulted in a widespread misconception that man is creating machines that will result in doomsday. Instead of viewing the power of AI and cognitive computing as man versus machine, we should see it as man and machine. Together, this powerful combination is already positively changing the way we work and live.

In healthcare, it provides proactive and personalized recommendations to improve the treatment and delivery of care to patients with chronic conditions while reducing the costs associated with avoidable hospitalization. In retail, it improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, therefore boosting the bottom line. In travel, it helps reduce the $1.78T lost in abandoned shopping carts last year. In the office, it’s making knowledge workers more efficient, freeing them up to apply more strategic thinking to their roles.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Exploring and dispelling the myths of man versus machine
  • The benefits of man and machine
  • How to demonstrate the value and convince your executive team and colleagues of the benefits of AI in the workforce
  • Real world examples of AI and cognitive computing positively impacting work and personal lives
  • A look ahead at AI and cognitive computing in our work and lives by the year 2020

Matt is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer, leading the product management and development of CognitiveScale’s core products and infrastructure, and serves as the principal architect for the company’s cloud-based cognitive applications in the healthcare and travel industries. An early pioneer in service-oriented architecture and cognitive computing, Matt previously founded and led the research and development arm of IBM’s commercial Watson Solutions division called IBM Watson Labs. In his role as Watson Labs leader, Matt was the first to apply IBM Watson to the financial services industry working with Fortune 500 clients interested in applying Watson to investment banking, credit risk analysis, and customer engagement. Matt also partnered with leading cancer research institutes to create an intelligent cancer research advisor product that reduced the time to market for new leukemia treatments from 3 years to 10 months. Before joining IBM, Matt was Chief Architect at Webify.

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