A Website’s Structured Data Success Story
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  Jarno van Driel   Jarno van Driel
SEO Specialist
Sanoma Digital NL


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
03:00 PM - 03:45 PM

Level:  Case Study

The topic of structured data has a rapidly growing audience looking into options beyond “rich snippets”. But some webmasters, if not most, are not sure what to do next. Many have questions like “What are the benefits of publishing structured data?”, “Does it influence rankings?”, and “can its impact be measured?”.

The case study presented during this session will answer these types of questions by telling the success story of a website that was semantically optimized by the use of schema.org and other protocols. Details will be provided on what was optimized, data showing semantically-enriched webpages generated substantially more search engine-referred traffic than non- or less-enriched control groups did, and insights gained by re-using structured data to measure its impact on search.

Attendees will learn:

  • What semantic optimization strategy was devised
  • How schema.org helped differentiate overlapping entities and topics
  • How external enumerations and multi-type entities fitted in
  • How structured data helped in substantially boosting traffic
  • How structured data can be used to enrich analytics and insights

Jarno van Driel is a SEO specialist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, who focuses on providing a competitive edge through the application of leading-edge online marketing technologies for enterprise level websites. As an SEO specialist who started during the early years of the web, he became aware of the effects semantics have on search while working on the accessibility of websites at the beginning of this millennium. When he first discovered RDFa in 2008 he quickly recognized the potential of structured data and from that moment on integrated it into his daily activities as a (in-house) SEO specialist. As a moderator for the Google+ community, Semantic Search Marketing, he shares and gains insights with participants to help drive exceptional real-world results.

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