Semantic Intelligence to Find the Right Clients – Successful Marketing & Sales Processes in High Value Private Business
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  Leo Keller   Leo Keller
Blue Ocean Semantic Web Solutions GmbH Zürich-Switzerland


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

Public Big Data and Semantic Intelligences allow creating focused and specialized knowledge. The challenge is to select ambiguous data around "objects" (names of persons, companies, locations etc.) that are not unique and only few elements are known. A smart system of Semantic Search, Semantic Intelligence, Text Analysis, Natural Language Processes, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning etc. allows extracting automatically all kind of relevant information to build real focused information. We will illustrate this concept with our "KYC-Analysis and Reporting System" that is working for actual customers - in all kind of languages and markets.

The KYC-Reporting System runs through the following steps:

  • The process starts with a few data given by potential "objects" (mainly email address and names)
  • A novel process of Semantic Search and Machine Learning allows to identify the right "objects" (out of a number of potential objects with the same name)
  • Smart Crawling processes use all kind of public network data and open sources
  • Semantic Intelligences, Text Analysis, Natural Language Processes, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning allow to extract automatically all kind of relevant information (KYC: professional data, wealth information, business & private networks, political and compliance information)
  • A complex solution allows generating KYC profiles for each name with an email address using all public web based data - in a semi-automated process with a high probability to get 100% correct information

Leo Keller developed in the last 15 years more than 50 different solutions for Business Clients using semantic technologies and open data in the industry areas of Banking, Insurance and Reinsurance, Automotive, Government and Research and in the business fields like Business Intelligence, Marketing and Market Research, Risk- and Issue Management, Communication and Reputation, Compliance and Anti Counterfeiting. Prior to this period he acted during 7 years as Co-Head of A.T. Kearney Switzerland and as a Member of the Executive Group of Arthur D. Little (Switzerland). He was a successful strategy consultant with a special focus on Learning Organization, Change management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. He held a master degree in natural science (ETH Zürich) and in OE Organization Development.

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