Smart Modeling with KADS Thought Patterns
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  Bobbin Teegarden   Bobbin Teegarden
CTO/Chief Architect, Technology Evangelist
OntoAge, and No Magic
  Alex Rush   Alex Rush


Tuesday, August 18, 2015
02:00 PM - 02:45 PM

Level:  Technical - Introductory

KADS, Knowledge Analysis and Design Support, started as Esprit Programme research, as a methodology for developing knowledge based systems (KBS). KADS patterns can be (re)used to model complex systems. Central to KADS is a set of small inference patterns - akin to 'thought patterns' - things like select, match, abstract, sort …. Using only 21 KADS patterns, we could model major business domains. We used a graph technique, creating a cognitive map of the business.

This talk will describe this process of using KADS 'thought patterns' for graph shaped cognitive business design.

Ms. Teegarden is a seasoned entrepreneur, business strategist, visionary technologist, and evangelist. She has deep experience in advanced software engineering, and uses emerging technology to create visionary products and processes that solve real world problems. Recently, Ms. Teegarden has been working with strategically positioned startups, furthering her vision of entropic intelligence – making our world inherently more intelligent through software and the web. Her recent focus is on IoT, creating distributed web operating systems; designing autonomic, self-aware, and self-organizing software environments; modeling intelligent agents who dream in ontologies; as well as MDE (Model Driven Execution environments). Ms. Teegarden has a Philosophy degree from Sarah Lawrence, and years of best in class systems engineering and technology consulting. She is an independent consultant, the Technology Evangelist for No Magic, and a board member of several startups.

Mr. Rush is Co-founder and Partner with ExperShare, LLC, and also currently Vice President at BlackRock in San Francisco, where he is primarily responsible for requirements analysis, modeling and design of the global equities quantitative investment platform. Mr. Rush’s career has focused largely on domain modeling problems in finance, life sciences and manufacturing. His work has included large scale deployment of requirements change management through the software development life cycle, including formal integration of requirements management tool and process infrastructure with other critical software engineering disciplines enabling audit and traceability through design, code and test. Mr. Rush is a graduate of the California State University system. He holds professional certifications from the Object Management Group and Scrum Alliance, and is co-author of “Cognitive Patterns: Problem-solving templates”.

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