AM1: Integrating and Analyzing Data Using Semantics and NoSQL
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  David Read   David S Read
  Sarah Read   Sarah Read
Solution Developer
  Margo Chanin   Margo Chanin
Solution Developer


Thursday, August 20, 2015
08:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

In this tutorial we use semantic and NoSQL document technologies to facilitate data integration and federation, deriving an analytically-focused data set, in an agile fashion. We start with an enterprise data model consisting of several data sources representing an insurance company’s policy and claim systems. We will create a target ontology and use the graph and reasoner to federate the data into that ontology, creating a common model. That model will feed a NoSQL document store. We will then leverage the aggregation capabilities (such as MapReduce) of the document store to analyze the federated data. We will also see how other analytic environments, such as the R platform, may leverage the data housed in the NoSQL document store in order to build predictive models.

Attendees will:

  • Acquire hands-on experience with several semantic tools
  • Acquire hands-on experience with a NoSQL document store
  • Gain an understanding of data federation in the context of semantic technology
  • Leverage the capabilities of semantics to derive federated JSON documents
  • Build reporting pipelines from a NoSQL document store

Dave provides information technology services focused on data analytics, data security and BPM to a broad array of healthcare and insurance organizations. He is also an adjunct lecturer at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY where he teaches courses including Java Web Development and Data Security, Database Technologies and Data Modeling. He has a proven track record of working with technology and business leaders to create powerful and effective solutions for companies large and small.

Sarah Read is an application and data engineer. She has worked as a software engineer at Pegasystems on a team automating work flow creation by capturing high level process definitions as well as on an engine team migrating to a cloud computing platform. She was also a member of the data mining team at Blue Slate Solutions where she focused on health care research. In her spare time Sarah enjoys playing her trumpet and adding features to her Android market application. Sarah is a member of Sigma Pi Sigma.

Margo Chanin is a web developer and data wrangler. Her interests include analytics and data security. She has experience building applications in Java and C++. Her most recent work assignment was with the web development team at L.L Bean. Margo is a 2nd degree martial arts black belt and also enjoys providing technical direction at local theaters.

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