Cognitive Computing 201 – Incorporating the Technology
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  Steve Ardire   Steve Ardire
Strategic Advisor #Machineintelligence Startups
Startup Advisor
  James Kobielus   James Kobielus
Big Data Evangelist
  Matt Sanchez   Matt Sanchez
Founder and CTO
  Anthony (Tony) Sarris   Anthony (Tony) K. Sarris
Founder and Principal
  Cirrus Shakeri   Cirrus Shakeri


Tuesday, August 18, 2015
08:30 AM - 11:45 AM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

Come to this panel discussion to learn how Cognitive Computing is being integrated and adopted for practical application by innovative businesses today. Hear about real-world examples of early adoption and why companies need to start building this technology into their long-term data roadmaps. The group of experts on this panel have been traveling and speaking together over the last year helping to educate people on the general topic of Cognitive Computing (you can view one of their discussions On Demand here: They have talked about Cognitive Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reasoning, and the next generation of Artificial Intelligence. Now that they have helped in understanding what Cognitive Computing is, what is to be done with it? How are businesses incorporating this technology into their data models? How can the technology creating the artificial intelligence personas in our smart phones be applied for practical purposes? Bring your questions for this amazing panel of experts as roughly 45 minutes of this 90 minute discussion will be open for questions from the attendees.

Steve is a software startup advisor with #AI #machineintelligence, #cognitivecomputing focus. Working with 40 startups over past 20 years, he shapes serendipity by interrogating reality to connect and illuminate the dots that matter.

James Kobielus is an industry veteran and serves as IBM’s big data evangelist. He spearheads IBM’s thought leadership activities in Big Data, Hadoop, enterprise data warehousing, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management, and next best action technologies. He works with IBM’s product management and marketing teams in Big Data. He has spoken at such leading industry events as Hadoop Summit, Strata, and Forrester Business Process Forum. He has published several business technology books and is a very popular provider of original commentary on blogs and many social media.

Matt is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer, leading the product management and development of CognitiveScale’s core products and infrastructure, and serves as the principal architect for the company’s cloud-based cognitive applications in the healthcare and travel industries. An early pioneer in service-oriented architecture and cognitive computing, Matt previously founded and led the research and development arm of IBM’s commercial Watson Solutions division called IBM Watson Labs. In his role as Watson Labs leader, Matt was the first to apply IBM Watson to the financial services industry working with Fortune 500 clients interested in applying Watson to investment banking, credit risk analysis, and customer engagement. Matt also partnered with leading cancer research institutes to create an intelligent cancer research advisor product that reduced the time to market for new leukemia treatments from 3 years to 10 months. Before joining IBM, Matt was Chief Architect at Webify.

Tony Sarris is the founder and principal of N2Semantics, a consultancy based in Orange County, California, specializing in semantic technologies, AI and cognitive computing. Tony got his start in IT working with database management systems and enterprise transactional processing applications. Frustrated that these databases and applications didn't know anything about the world that they operated in, Tony began working on conceptual modeling technologies and other forms of ontology and knowledge representation. Tony has a particular fondness for intelligent software agents and hopes that such smart apps can make the everyday lives of businesses and individuals easier, more productive and more enjoyable.

Cirrus Shakeri has 20 years of experience in AI and cognitive computing systems. He is a co-founder and managing director of Inventurist, a company in Silicon Valley that uses natural language processing, machine learning and semantic technologies to help early-stage startups reach revenue and growth. He has been building enterprise software for more than 15 years with focus on process automation, information management, and big data analytics. Prior to Inventurist, Cirrus worked at the office of the CTO at SAP and was responsible for finding new areas of growth based on emerging technologies in Big Data and AI. He has extensive experience in trend analysis and technology scouting, building frontrunner applications, putting together technology strategy for legacy systems and platform renewal, co-developing products with customers, and technical/scientific research. Cirrus has worked with customers on solving their real-world problems in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, telecomm, retail, and government. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, a master’s degree in control systems, and a Ph.D. in the applications of artificial intelligence in engineering. He is a US patent holder and has published in academic journals and industry conferences.

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