Automating Interoperability for the Composable Enterprise
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  Dave Duggal   Dave Duggal
Founder / Managing Director


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
04:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Technical - Intermediate

The enterprise is being pulled in two directions. People, capabilities, and information are increasingly distributed and diverse (dis-integration), which drives the need to efficiently share state across silos, systems and organizational boundaries (re-integration). To date, integration has been a manual activity, done in advance, tightly coupling applications to resources. However, the increasing pace of change in both business requirements and technology, has revealed the limitations of continuous manual integration. The demand is overwhelming IT departments, manual integration is no longer tenable - we need to automate interoperability itself. This requires a high-level abstraction so humans and systems can reason over in-process and remote objects as if they were the same.

Abstracting data types, database structures and connection details enables:

  • Unified access, search, navigation
  • Declarative connections and composition
  • Common platform services
  • Shared libraries
  • Central policy management
This is the break through required to achieve the elusive goal of business agility and enable a new-class of scalable, responsive and adaptive applications.

Dave Duggal, Founder and Managing Director of EnterpriseWeb. Dave is the founder of an innovative startup EnterpriseWeb ( His company offers an award-winning application platform for dynamic, distributed, data-driven business processes. EnterpriseWeb helps organizations flexibly connect end-to-end solutions across silos, partners, technologies and protocols. The outspoken entrepreneur is a proponent of next generation ‘smart’ and dynamically adaptable software. Dave is an Inventor on several awarded patents and is author of many academic papers, articles and blogs. He is a regular conference speaker (CloudExpo, SemTech, EDW, GoTo Con, TM Forum, BPMnext, etc). Dave leads the Integration and Orchestration team for the Industrial Internet Consortium and is an active member of the TM Forum.

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