The Algebra of Data
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  Robin Bloor   Robin Bloor
Chief Analyst
The Bloor Group


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
09:30 AM - 09:45 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic
Technical - Introductory

ALGEBRAIX® DATA has spent five years developing and proving what early users consider the most important breakthrough in information technology since the advent of relational databases more than 40 years ago. Simply put, it’s the discovery that data – all data – can be represented mathematically. Scientists call this new math the “algebra of data.” It’s the first universal platform for data, it’s been needed for decades, and it will change everything.

Among data algebra’s many disruptive effects, it will fuel a whole new ecosystem of software for integrating and analyzing data. It will also finally make graph analytics not only readily accessible to the vast majority of enterprises but easy to implement.

Influential analyst, author, and IT expert Robin Bloor, PhD, will provide a concise overview of algebra of data, which is also described in detail in a new book by Bloor. Advance copies will be available at the conference.

Robin Bloor is a prominent analyst in the database and information management sectors. He authored a column in DMBS Magazine (in the US) for 4 years and also provided regular content for Computer Weekly in the UK. He has also regularly written individual articles for many magazines in the UK and Europe over a decade. He was the prime author for the web site which he designed and built and which subsequently became one of the primary UK IT related web sites . As one would expect of any analyst, he has authored numerous white papers, product reviews and IT research papers.

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