Ontotext GraphDB™ Connectors: Powering Complex, Faceted Search Queries
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  Marin Dimitrov   Marin Dimitrov


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
04:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Technical - Advanced

RDF graph databases provide important advantages when it comes to data management: easy interlinking of entities; agile integration of data coming from heterogeneous data sources and described by different schemata; the ability to infer new, implicit facts based on the entities stored in the database and the relations between them.

The SPARQL query language provides the means for expressive queries over RDF graph data. In some cases though, it is a challenge for RDF database engines to quickly provide answers to very complex SPARQL queries. Complex queries include those with lots of patterns, filters, aggregates and full-text searches running over very large volumes of RDF data.

In many cases, it is more efficient to have an external search engine (i.e. Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch) or a NoSQL database (such as MongoDB or Cassandra) handle part of the query filtering process for full-text search or faceted search queries. This reduces the workload placed on the RDF engine itself. GraphDB™ Connectors provide this solution, the transparent integration of an external distributed data engine (search engine, NoSQL database) with an RDF database. All data queries and updates are performed via standard SPARQL interfaces, but the SPARQL query processor offloads some of the complex query filtering operations to an external distributed data engine.

In this presentation we will discuss the design of the GraphDB™ Connectors as well as the practical benefits and some of the most common use cases.

Marin Dimitrov is the Chief Technology Officer of Ontotext, with nearly 15 years of deep expertise in text mining, graph databases, linked open data and the application of semantic technology in the Cloud. He leads various graph database and cloud computing research projects in the areas of Semantic Technology, Open Data and Linked Data. Marin is also responsible for Cloud Computing application development at Ontotext. This includes leading the development of "Ontotext S4? (The Self- Service Semantic Suite). S4 provides on-demand and as-a-service access to text analytics, RDF graph databases and knowledge graphs. This allows developers to use Linked Open Data, Text Mining and RDF to quickly build cost effective applications that use Ontotext's powerful, proven core technology for smart data management. Marin is a frequent speaker on semantic conferences and open data meetups at various technology related events.

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