SharePoint meets Semantics: Content Navigation & Intelligent Findability Inside the World's Most Prolific Collaboration Platform
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  Bryan Bell   Bryan Bell
Expert System


Wednesday, August 19, 2015
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

By building intelligence into your corporate knowledge through a semantic layer: content tagging, categorization and navigation; you can enable a new level of faceted search and information filtering-- by topic, person or content cluster--that sets a new standard for improving content findability both inside and outside of SharePoint. Visualized tagging and categorization of content provide an immediate, intelligent view of your information, and a new starting point for exploration and navigation.

Enabling automatic and contextually correct metadata generation as a native SharePoint feature has a number of benefits for both users and the organization at large, from day-to-day productivity, to strategic information management:

  • Leveraging native SharePoint features documents are consistently and reliably tagged, automatically, in real time as they are published to SharePoint.
  • Content tagging can be configure to adhere to the corporate metadata model allowing for metadata consistency across the enterprise.
  • Users are able to more effectively navigate and identify content.
  • Applied as an enterprise metadata platform, all information repositories become more valuable.

During this session you will learn how semantics is able to deliver on the promise of fast, accurate information retrieval and navigation and covert MS SharePoint into a find platform. Using live data, this session will demonstrate how organizations can utilize native SP features and functions to increase content findability and increase collaboration.

Bryan leads business development and sales in North America. An industry veteran, Bryan has extensive experience in search, automated metadata extraction, taxonomy creation, knowledge management and semantic technologies. Prior to his tenure at Expert System, Bryan contributed to the growth of, Autonomy, Smartlogic and Concept Searching. Bryan holds a B.A. in Communications from Murray State University.

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