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    • MarkLogic

      About MarkLogic

      For more than a decade, MarkLogic has delivered a powerful, agile and trusted Enterprise NoSQL database platform that enables organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information. Organizations around the world rely on MarkLogic’s enterprise-grade technology to power the new generation of information applications. MarkLogic is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Boston, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, Manila, Munich, New York, Paris, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Utrecht, and Washington D.C. For more information, please visit www.marklogic.com.


Gold Sponsors

    • Algebraix

      About Algebraix

      ALGEBRAIX’s mission: to bring the power and speed of graph analytics to the enterprise. We help your company compete and win by actually using your data, not just storing it in silos. And we make it easy. How? By combining our new cloud-based product, Graph Analytics as a Service (GAaaS, with patented ALGEBRAIX® technology, a fundamental advance in the mathematics of data management. This never-before combo makes what has been out of reach for most enterprises – using graph analytics to discover business intelligence – readily available.

    • Ontotext

      About Ontotext

      Ontotext provides a complete set of semantic technology transforming how organizations identify meaning across massive amounts of unstructured data. Ontotext blends text mining, powerful SPARQL queries, semantic annotation and semantic search with an RDF graph database (GraphDB™) that infers new meaning at scale. Today, Ontotext is used to power the world’s largest media websites and supports knowledge management applications using tens of billions of semantic facts. Ontotext’s Dynamic Semantic Publishing platform provides solutions for news, eLearning and scientific publishers. The Ontotext Insights platform addresses the needs of the life sciences market including pharmaceuticals, health care and insurance. Additional solutions are available for financial services, government, museums and archives. Ontotext technology delivers highly relevant search results for improved decision making – all in real time. Ontotext also provides S4 – The Self Services Semantic Suite - allowing developers to build text mining and semantic applications in the cloud. S4 includes text mining, reliable access to Linked Open Data for entity enrichment, GraphDB™ and developer tools. S4 is available in a hosted environment with a pay-as-you-go model. To find out more about Ontotext visit www.ontotext.com.

    • Oracle

      About Oracle

      Oracle is shifting the complexity from IT, moving it out of the enterprise by engineering hardware and software to work together—in the cloud and in the data center. By eliminating complexity and simplifying IT, Oracle enables its customers—400,000 of them in more than 145 countries around the world—to accelerate innovation and create added value for their customers. Oracle provides the most widely-used, enterprise-class, spatial and graph databases in the world. Customers include the leaders in life sciences, telecommunications, energy, utilities, media, insurance, and finance. Oracle Spatial and Graph supports scalable RDF data management, SPARQL query services, and OWL inferencing.

    • Sqrrl

      About SYSTAP

      SYSTAP, a provider of highly scalable solutions for big graphs, and metaphacts, a Germany-based provider of software and services for knowledge graph management, have joined forces to bring the power of knowledge graphs closer to data experts and data scientists, as well as end users. Through a Joint-Venture, they deliver scalable solutions for developing new applications for areas such as business, finance, life sciences, cultural heritage and more. The platform tightly integrates SYSTAP’s Blazegraph™, a graph database solution which provides support for both Semantic Web (RDF/SPARQL) and Property Graph (Tinkerpop/Gremlin) APIs, and metaphacts’ platform for creating, managing and visualizing thematically specialized knowledge graphs. These joint technologies enable customers achieve graphs at scale across a variety of business needs from embedded graph database bases to low-latency near-realtime large graphs to highly availability to trillion edge graphs with high performance query.

Silver Sponsors

    • CognitiveScale

      About CognitiveScale

      CognitiveScale powers standards-based cognitive clouds, which are revolutionizing big data and analytics markets. The Cognitive Cloud is a new class of data interpretation and learning systems that weave cognitive intelligence into business processes and applications. They work on massive amounts of multi structured data including text, images and video to generate actionable insights from dark data–data that is not machine readable, not easily accessible, or not leveraged. Our cognitive cloud platform, called Insights Fabric™, delivers Insights-as-a-Service and accelerates the creation of industry and domain optimized cognitive applications and processes.

      Data Ninja by DOCOMO Innovations

      About Data Ninja by DOCOMO Innovations

      Data Ninja Services are developed by DOCOMO Innovations’ Service Innovation team to enable companies of all sizes to build smart services with content intelligence without building in-house advanced data science and machine learning teams. By using the Smart Data service in conjunction with the Smart Content service, developers can detect topics in text as well as be able to navigate the categories and concepts from our knowledge graph for advanced application development. We also provide custom and consulting services to solve specific problems and enhance services with new features specific to your application.

    • EnterpriseWeb

      About EnterpriseWeb

      EnterpriseWeb is a platform for ‘smart’ data-driven services, apps and processes. It enables real-time operational intelligence and predictive analytics for highly-responsive business solutions. The Platform features a schema-less repository where everything (structured and unstructured, data and code, local and federated) can be represented as loosely-coupled, indexed documents. It brings diverse and distributed enterprise systems together in a web of linked application resources. The design provides a Unified Object Model that enables interoperability and sharing across business and IT silos. In this way, EnterpriseWeb facilitates Master Data Management, centralized policy control and widespread code re-use. The Company has Partners and Customers on four continents. The logically multi-tenant platform supports Private on-premise, Public and Hybrid-Cloud deployments.

    • Franz, Inc.

      About Franz, Inc.

      Franz Inc. is an innovative technology company with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Graph Search and Machine Intelligence solutions. AllegroGraph, Franz's high-performance, transactional, and scalable Graph Database, provides the solid storage layer for powerful Enterprise grade solutions. Franz's Products and Professional Services are uniquely positioned to help bring your complex ideas to reality. AllegroGraph's Activity Recognition capabilities, with n-Dimensional indexing, provides a powerful means to aggregate and analyze data about individual and organizational behaviors, preferences, relationships, plus spatial and temporal linkages between individuals and groups. Franz customers include Fortune 500 companies in the government, life sciences and telecommunications industries. AllegroGraph Success Stories.

Additional Sponsors

    • Cambridge Semantics

      About Cambridge Semantics

      Cambridge Semantics is a graph based enterprise analytics and data management software company that brings meaning and value to diverse data at big data scale. Our Anzo Smart Data Platform enables IT departments and their business users to link,contextualize and manage a combination of structured, unstructured, internal and external data, with speed and at the fraction of the costs of using traditional approaches.

    • Expert System

      About Expert System

      Expert System develops software that understands the meaning of written language. Based upon a patented technology that employs millions of definitions, concepts and relationships, Expert System software applications read and understand multiple languages the way people do. The products and solutions based on Cogito offer a complete set of features including: semantic search and natural language search, text analytics, development and management of taxonomies and ontologies, automatic categorization, extraction of data and metadata, and natural language processing.

    • Loop AI Labs

      About Loop AI Labs

      Loop Cognitive Computing Platform automates the processing and understanding of unstructured text data. It understands concepts in any domain and any language, without prior knowledge about the syntactic or semantic structure of the language. The platform is offered on premises, in the cloud or embedded in smart and IoT devices. Loop AI Labs intends to help major economic sectors to benefit from a new era of machine intelligence, and to make people’s lives easier, safer, and more productive.

    • Morgan & Claypool

      About Morgan & Claypool

      Morgan & Claypool is the publisher of Synthesis Lectures on the Semantic Web: Theory and Application edited by James Hendler of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Ying Ding of Indiana University. This innovative digital and print book series is devoted to the new technologies of the Semantic Web, the principles by which those technologies work, and the best practices for assembling systems that integrate the different languages, resources, and functionalities that will be important in keeping the Web the rapidly expanding, and constantly changing, information space that has changed our lives. New books on display will include Semantics in Mobile Sensing by Zhixian Yan and Dipanjan Chakraborty, Provenance: An Introduction to PROV by Luc Moreau and Paul Groth, Resource-Oriented Architecture Patterns for Webs of Data by Brian Sletten, Incentive-Centric Semantic Web Application Engineering by Elena Simperl et al., Publishing and Using Cultural Heritage Linked Data on the Semantic Web by Eero Hyvönen, and Vivo: A Semantic Approach to Scholarly Networking and Discovery by Katy Börner et al.

    • Numenta

      About Numenta

      Numenta is a leader in the field of machine intelligence. Its machine learning technology is based on a theory of the neocortex first described in co-founder Jeff Hawkins’ book, On Intelligence. Numenta’s Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) technology is being applied to anomaly detection in streaming data and the Internet of Things, as well as prediction and classification of natural language. In addition, Numenta has created NuPIC (Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing) as an open source project (www.numenta.org).

    • Objectivity

      About Objectivity

      Objectivity, Inc. is a pioneer in high-performance distributed database platforms that power mission-critical applications for the most demanding and complex data sources in the enterprise. With a rich history serving Global 1000 customers and partners, Objectivity delivers organizational agility at scale by enabling our customers to enrich Big Data with Fast Data. Objectivity is privately held with headquarters in San Jose, California. Visit http://www.objectivity.com to learn more.

    • Profium

      About Profium

      Profium is an innovative software company and semantic technology pioneer. Profium makes Sense! Profium Sense™ is a Semantic Technology software platform and an in-memory semantic database and search engine, for Digital Asset Management, Context Aware Services, Situation Awareness and Inference Technology.


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